Thursday, 26 May 2011

This was the design and when we realise we couldn't cut it while they were on.
We realised that the legs were way too short so we added cubes of pine to make it higher and after covered with the sides which decorate the bottom of the desk.
Chloe and Daniel made the legs in the workshop and after we varnish them.

The top back of the desk!
Here the desk with the sides attach to it with nail gun but we had to removed them because we didn't cut the edges and we couldn't with the legs.

Here the desk with the sides already removed and also with the first layer of varnish.
The first boxes we did before realising were the wrong measure and neither straight:s so we did it again,and this time varnishing the pieces before put them together with the glue gun.
All the pieces of the boxes drying after we varnished them!
The boxes where suppose to be the drawers were attach to the desk board with the glue gun.
The desk finished with the back which we attached with nail gun and the glue gun.

Here the picture of the desk finished and without the back because was covering too much of the window.

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