Thursday, 24 March 2011

I just found out that my chairs should go in the drawing room,i don't know if around the coffe table or where so in case I did another design that could match better the table.It hasn't many details but i though to add the same details on the top as the other chair.
I get the idea from the picture above my design but would look different with the details I already did before in the other chair.

Final design for the chair


2. Details from the top of the chair

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been looking around for chairs from 19th century Baroque in Russia...and looking looking i found this.... im not sure but i think some other people been doing kind of same project? because i don't think that it's from someone of our group :p anyway there is few links can help to find more about the decoration and furniture we need!:)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Last thursday we exposed our mood boards,mine was about the architecture in Russia in 19th century.I put some pics of rooms and ceilings...and after we've been deciding how big would be the rooms and where would be situated the furniture and the decoration...
The carachterisitics of Baroque style in 19th century were:
-Dramatic use of light,light and shade contrasts
-Opulent use of colour and ornaments
-Large scale ceiling frescos
-External facade often characterized by a dramatic central projection
-Interior is a shell for painting,sculpture and stucco
-Illusory effects like 'trompe l'oeil' and the blending of painting and architecture
And about the architecture very spacious rooms,high ceilings,big windows...

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Death of IVAN Ilyich

The death of Ivan Ilyich it's a novella written by Leo Tolstoy,and tells the story of life and death of Ivan Ilyich.
This is the last project of my first year at UCA, and it's going to be a project in group.We should collect ideas to design and construct a set which should represents the bedroom where Ivan Ilyich lay dying and the room which it's joined.
For this set the stylistic brief is Baroque.

I've been checking some books since last friday,about Baroque and rococo,and photocopying some pictures from it.
Books I get:
-BAROQUE AND ROCOCO ART-Liselotte Andersen
1969 German/Abrams
1961 London/Thames and Hudson Ltd
1994 Phaidon Press Limited
On Monay 14th we had our first meeting with the group and Fiona took some notes
about the ideas we have,in that moment i didn't know much a part from the Baroque style because I didn't read the book,but now that I did, I have better idea of it. The notes we took of ideas we had:
-brief look at pictures taken at Quebec House by Fiona(as this has the dark wood and period sofa that might have been described in the book)
-Baroque period and perspective,lighting and architectural painting were discussed
-book was set in 1886(i don't understand this because should be in the date Ivan die which was 1882 in Russia)
-Use symbolism to merge the themes of death and life in the book.Ivan only seems to connect to his son(youth) and his servant Gerasim(health)
-Image brought to mind by the text:
-forced into a black bag
-hands pressing down forcing Ivan into the bag
-pain personified as a third person(it)
-isolation(nobody believe him)
-screens being ripped away
-screaming for 3 days because life is wasted

-How we might be able to achieve this in two rooms:
-Livingroom represents the actual,authentic,life,pretentious aspirations of the family
-Bedroom represents the dreamstate,sickness,death
-"it"in the corner with screens hiding the form so you only see the outline,shadows,suggestion of form

Films which inspired us:
-The Shinning
-Stephen King(anything by)
-The soldier in death
-The Labyrinth(specific hands)